I was looking up the meaning of holgazán, and this passage was selected as an example of usage:

Valga esta jaculatoria, como desagravio a un miembro del jurado del premio Garvey, que ayer me reprochaba haber llamado holgazán al Santo.

What is meant by the first clause, Valga esta jaculatoria...?

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    Not sure which bit you want help with. valga is the present subjunctive of valer = to be worth, and jaculatoria is a type of prayer. Does that help or do you have some other issue here?
    – mdewey
    Jul 10, 2021 at 12:52
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    Let this be a short prayer [have the value of a short prayer], as amends [or as an apology] to a member of the Garvey Prize, who yesterday reproached me for having called the Saint a bum. [or vagabond].
    – Lambie
    Jul 10, 2021 at 17:53

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This form implies a 'Que" as in: "Que le vaya bien".

[Que] valga esta jaculatoria como x etc. [the comma is wrong, in my opinion]

  • Let this be a short prayer as x
  • May this then be a short prayer as x

This subjunctive form has three standard translations into English:

  • May x [be something or happen]
  • Let x [be something or happen]
  • Let's hope as in Ojalá le vaya bien. Let's hope everything turns out well. May everything turn out well.

The sentence with valer jaculatoria is difficult because of the valer.

  • Que valga la pena decir todo esto.

  • Let's hope saying all this is worth it.

  • Que valga dinero lo que estás haciendo

  • Let's hope what your doing is worth money.

  • [Que] valga esta jaculatoria como

  • Let this short prayer be [have the value of] x

I hope this gives you a better feel for the text.

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