The sentence that I am confused about is this:

"Esto le parece mala suerte."

I have a guess about what it means, "this gave him bad luck"(I think). The only reason why I am confused is that it doesn't say "da"(to give him) in this sentence. If this means what I think it means, please tell me why "da" is excluded. As always, thanks.

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    There is a mistake in that sentence. Esto le parece (la) mala suerte. – Lambie Mar 28 at 18:18
  • Just caught that mistake. Thanks. – FairOPShotgun Mar 30 at 1:17

Unless I am missing something, the sentence "Esto la parece mala suerte" is grammatically wrong. The closest correct sentence is

  • Esto le parece mala suerte

which means "This seems like bad luck to her" (i.e., she thinks that this is bad luck). The verb parecer means "seem", or "look/sound like". The reason why "le" must be used instead of "la" is that it refers to an indirect object.

If you want to say "this gave him bad luck", the most natural way does use the verb dar:

  • Esto le dio mala suerte.
  • Hi, thanks for the clarification. Is there a more natural translation though? Saying "This seems bad luck to her" doesn't really make sense to me. Thanks. – FairOPShotgun Mar 28 at 19:31
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    Esto le parece mala suerte is: That seems like bad luck to her. – Lambie Mar 28 at 20:07
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    @Lambie thanks. Fixed answer. – wimi Mar 28 at 21:35
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    I would like to mention that to my Argentinean ear 'esto le parece mala suerte" sounds like something a native would never say. It would be a bit more normal to say something like "a ella le parece que esto trae mala suerte". – Martin Argerami Mar 29 at 3:02
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    @MartinArgerami I agree that it does not sound very natural. I just tried to find the closest grammatically correct sentence to what OP wrote. Maybe the mistake is another one and the intended meaning is different... – wimi Mar 29 at 8:00

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