I can say

Resultó ser un trabajo muy duro.
It turned out to be a hard job.

But, can I say volvió a ser or llegar a ser to mean the same thing?


To say "it turned out to be a very hard job", the best choice in Spanish is to say:

  • Resultó ser un trabajo muy duro (difícil).

"Llegó a ser un trabajo muy duro" suggests a process whereby the job gradually became hard.

"Resultó" is, like "turned out", indicative of an unexpected result: something apparently, or initially easy, turned out to be difficult.

We could also say, with a similar meaning:

  • Terminó siendo un trabajo muy duro (It ended up being a very hard job).

As regards "volver", you can use the pronominal form "volverse" to mean "become":

  • Se volvió un trabajo muy duro.

"Volverse" is similar to "llegar a ser" as a verb of process.

"Volver a ser" means something completely different:

  • Volvió a ser un trabajo muy duro (It was a very hard job again).

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