I recently came across the following verb "lucir".

Se puede lucir una tableta de chocolate.

meaning to be able to display or show off a six-pack.

Can this verb also be used for wearing clothes?

Luces un par de zapatos/pantalones.

I mean in an everyday sense without the sense of looking stunning or dazzling as I think it can imply.

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Yes, it can. See the fifth definition or "lucir" in the DLE

  1. tr. Llevar a la vista, exhibir lo que alguien se ha puesto, normalmente como adorno.

and the eighth

  1. prnl. Vestirse y adornarse con esmero.

So you can definitely say

Hoy el pelo me luce muy bien

Luces un bonito par de zapatos nuevos

Lucía un collar nuevo que le habían regalado

It doesn't necessarily mean "to show off" but "lucirse" does mean "to show off" or "to make an impression".

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