Which, if either, of these are correct for "Remind me to give it to you".

Recuérdeme dártelo.

Recuérdeme que te lo dé.

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Both are right, just changing Recuérdeme por Recuérdame. The first one is third person, or usted, but in that case should be dárselo or que se lo dé.

Tildes are also missing ;)

Recuérdame dártelo.
Recuérdame que te lo dé.

If I have to say which one is more common, maybe I would say the second one.

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    Yes, when using "recuérdame" the correct way is whichever form follows with "que". That first way isn't technically incorrect, but it sounds weird to a native speaker.
    – Rorok_89
    Commented Apr 10, 2013 at 8:53

Only the second one ("Recuérdame que te lo dé") is a correct translation for "Remind me to give it to you".

In Spanish, as in other languages like French, infinitives are used this way only if the subjects for both of the verbs are the same. Here, the one who reminds is not the one who gives, so an infinitive is not adequate.

Note that I changed also the person to accord, like machlas said.

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