Can anyone tell me if the phrase "Con pelos y señales" can be used to describe something like 'I painted the mural with great detail' in this way?

Lo pinté con pelos y señales.

Or it is only used in the context of telling a story, as in this example?

Lo conté con pelos y señales.


The expression "con pelos y señales" is normally used only with verbs of speech like contar, describir, explicar or mostrar.

Searching the Internet for good examples of "pintar con pelos y señales", I have found that it can be used when "pintar" is used meaning "to depict":

Pintar con pelos y señales: dar una descripción detallada. X «El fidedigno padre Valdecebro, | Que en discurrir historias de animales | Se calentó el cerebro, | Pintándolos con pelos y señales.» T. Iriarte, Poes. (Cl. C. 136. 12). (Source)

"Dibujar con pelos y señales" sounds a little better to me than "pintar con pelos y señales" when referring to a graphic representation.

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    I think I've never heard this expression with verbs other than describir and explicar, suggesting detail. I believe the idea is that you're describing the key identifying features of someone (the hair and "signs" like tatoos, scars and so on).
    – pablodf76
    Jul 6 '20 at 19:30

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