I have heard the following sentence in the TV series "Vis a Vis", which takes place in Spain:

– Estás embarcada.

Context: Sole and Macarena are prisoners in a female prison. Macarena has found a SIM card which could have info on where the loot of a robbery (performed by an already dead inmate) is hidden. Sole advises her not to go after this money because she thinks it will only bring problems. Macarena disagrees and tells Sole that she will go after the money because she needs it to pay her bail. Finally, Sole says the sentence above.

Does "estar embarcado" mean something like "to play with fire"? Is it used in both Spain and Latin America?

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    In Spain, estar embarcado/a is slang meaning to be in a mess, or in an unpleasant situation. I don't think it is used elsewhere, though I might be wrong. – Gorpik May 27 at 15:02
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    I didn't know this expression. I would've interpreted as related to estar embarcado en [una actividad, un proyecto]. – pablodf76 May 27 at 15:17

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