A teacher in a Spanish-speaking country gave my email address to his/her students, and I'm now inundated with pictures of children doing homework. How do I say something like:

This isn't the right email address, but good luck on the project!

Google translate says:

Esta no es la dirección de correo electrónico correcta, ¡pero buena suerte en el proyecto!

Unfortunately, I don't speak any Spanish, and I don't want to accidentally be mean about it. Is that an OK way to put it?

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    Wow! What fun! The suggested translation is fine. It's correct and sounds friendly.
    – Conrado
    Apr 27, 2020 at 18:20

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The suggested translation is fine and it is polite enough but it won't be enough to stop the emails.

I have the same problem with some guy that has the same name and last name as me.

You could add. "por favor no envíes más emails a esta dirección porque yo no soy tu profesor" meaning "please do not send more emails to this address because I am not your teacher".

I also suggest using the block/filter option in your email client since I guess just telling children not to send their homework won't fully work either.

Good luck

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