The Sanskrit word निताइ (English: Nitaai) is used to practice visualization based meditation with origins in ancient India.

What would be the Spanish transliteration of Nitaai preserving its original pronunciation? I tried Google translate but it changes the pronunciation of 'tai' to 'ti'.

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The Spanish transliteration would be simply nitai.

  • In English transliteration of devanagari, "aa" /a/ is contrasted with "a" /ə/, but "a" is always /a/ in Spanish.
  • Similarly, while "t" is often aspirated /tʰ/ (थ) in English, it is always unaspirated /t/ (त) in Spanish.

Como la primera i es corta y la a, larga, diría yo nitái.

Según como la escribiste arriba en devanágari, la t es la dental, sin aspiración, tal cual la t española.

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