In Perú we say "me falta esperar 10 minutos", in United States we do not say "I am missing waiting 10 minutes". Why is "falta/missing" added in Peruvian Spanish? Or conversely, why in American English do we not say we lost our time?

Or am I translating that badly and the Spanish speaker is saying something more like "I lost 10 minutes waiting for the bus"?

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    I would understand it as, "I have 10 minutes left to wait." – jrdioko Feb 25 '13 at 5:01
  • @jrdioko you might want to post it as an answer, as it is the actual meaning indeed. – JoulSauron Feb 25 '13 at 8:57

In this sense, faltar means "to be left." So "me falta esperar 10 minutos" would be translated "I have 10 minutes left to wait." If you were talking about losing time you'd use perder.


The expression me falta esperar 10 minutos is not customary from any particular country, it is standard spanish.
You could also say Me faltan 10 minutos de espera or Me quedan 10 minutos de espera.
Its literal meaning is I have 10 minutes of waiting left, which would be said more commonly by an english speaker as I still have to wait 10 more minutes.

Another example:
It's 10 minutes left for the arrival ==> Quedan/Faltan 10 minutos para la llegada

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