I'm not from Colombia but I have some Colombian colleagues. I wonder, what does "parce" means? They use it quite like a word that can be substituted by "compadre", or in English, "dude", "man", "friend". But, what does it exactly mean?

Sorry about my ignorance if this word is not only used in Colombia.

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Según el Diccionario de americanismos, «parce» es apócope de «parcero» en Colombia y Ecuador, y «parcero, -a» es una forma de tratamiento usada entre jóvenes (amigo íntimo, compañero inseparable).


En Colombia, se usa la palabra parce en lugar de amigo pero que de igual manera, tiene sus mismas connotaciones; un equivalente válido en inglés puede ser la palabra "buddy".

A su vez, la palabra parce es la abreviación de parcero.

Amigo o compañero con quien se tiene mucha confianza.

As complement, the word nigga would be interpreted as reference to black people, that said, the word buddy is more adequate for avoid reference to color skin.


Urban Dictionary to the rescue!

Parce is a colombian slang for nigga or friends..bro..etc. this is a only slang by YOUNG COLOMBIANS!! "quivo parce como a estado...todo bien??"

Then you need to check its etymology.

  • yes, but one should be able to explain the word. As I mention in the question, I can infer the meaning, but ...I guess I need more information.
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  • -1 For lack of explanation adding external resources without explain or add context is not a appropiate answer IMHO. Commented Nov 27, 2014 at 23:19

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