I work with a cute boy who is from Guatemala, we like each other and flirt back and forth every day! But he speaks only a little English and I know very little Spanish. Today he messaged me and said:

huebon 😂

but he won't tell me what it means! My friend from Venezuela said it means "lazy" but another one of my friends says in Guatemala and in this context it's meant to be playful and endearing?


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Huevón can be an insult (meaning "lazy", "stupid", or "jerk") but in many Latin American dialects has taken on a secondary meaning of endearment (cf. tío, hombre, colega, tronco), similar to boludo, loco and English dude:

Origin uncertain, though likely derived from doodle (“fool, simpleton, mindless person”)... the word is first attested in 1883 as a New York City slang term of contempt for a “fastidious man, fop”.

It is variously spelled huevón, güevón, güebón, güeón, weón, with some spellings being region specific.

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