I know the word fuerza. It means strength. But which strength is meant by it, physical or emotional? I am looking for a Spanish word which refers to emotional strength.

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    – jacobo
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    Probably "fuerza emocional" would be the best "one size fits all" translation. There is a wide set of words that could be used for "emotional strength" depending on the context of how it is used. Resiliencia is the one that comes to mind first, but there could be a lot of synonyms. Please, provide some context and a example to clarify.
    – Diego
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    I'd say "fortaleza espiritual" or "fortaleza interior"
    – Gustavson
    Commented Mar 5, 2020 at 17:14
  • Aprovecho para recuperar una pregunta anterior, levemente relacionada, que no recibió demasiada atención: Uso correcto de la palabra “asertivo/a”
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    Temple has a close meaning: "Fortaleza enérgica y valentía serena para afrontar las dificultades y los riesgos." ("Energetic strength and serene courage to face difficulties and risks")
    – Rodrigo
    Commented Apr 8, 2020 at 12:19

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A good translation is entereza. The dictionary of the RAE defines it as:

  1. f. Valor, fortaleza de ánimo.

that is, emotional strength.


It depends on the type of the text you are translating.

Fortaleza emocional would maybe fit better as 'fuerza' has more connotation of physical power - derived from 'fuerte'(strong), but depends on the translator and on the context for sure.

If you want to put more emphasis on the strength -go for 'fuerza'


The words you are looking for is: "Fortaleza emocional".

Ejemplo: Gracias a su fortaleza emocional, Mayte logró superar la crisis.


The word fuerza can indeed be used for both physical and emotional strength. Moreover, it also means force. To illustrate it some examples are, respectively:

  • Ella tiene mucha más fuerza en los brazos desde que va al gimnasio.
  • Ante esta situación debemos tener fuerza y permanecer unidos.
  • La segunda ley de Newton afirma que la fuerza es igual a la masa por la aceleración.

The first two acceptions correspond to the adjective fuerte:

  • Ella se ha puesto fuerte.
  • Tenemos que ser fuertes.
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    Tu respuesta tendría más fuerza si la respaldaras con una referencia a la segunda acepción que muestra el DLE aquí.
    – Jdamian
    Commented Apr 8, 2020 at 9:59

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