I want to ask a question about the difference between indefinido and imperfecto.

I was watching a video of Angel Di Maria, an Argentinian footballer, and he was asked

¿Comó fue Argentina creciendo allí?

I thought however, that seeing as the time period spent growing up didn't have a definite end, I thought that the verb to be used was not fue but rather the imperfect version, era.

I thought the correct question was

¿Comó era Argentina creciendo allí?

Am I correct? - My thoughts were that fue was just used in a colloquial sense, but is era the grammatically correct verb to use?

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Both questions seem strange to me, because they sound as if the person growing up in Argentina could have affected the country in any way, which is absurd.

Actually, a more suitable question would have been:

  • ¿Cómo fue crecer en Argentina? (What was it like to grow up in Argentina?) to refer to the final result.


  • ¿Cómo era crecer en Argentina? (same translation) to refer to the process of growing up, or to some point during the process.

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