Can anyone please share an acronym/mnemonic for the uses of "por" and "para"?

I often have people ask me this but I am not aware of one. If anyone has a good mnemonic that has been effective in aiding the learning of "por" and "para", please, share.

  • Do you think mnemonics are a good approach when it comes to learning grammar? – OnlyThenDidIReckonMyCurse Feb 20 at 15:31
  • 3
    I believe it's a good start. What are your suggestions, please? – Vero Feb 20 at 15:57

These have helped me a lot.



  • Used to indicate a purpose or a goal.
  • Translation: in order to


  • Used to indicate the recipient of an action or thing.
  • Translation: for


  • Used to talk about an opinion.
  • Translation: for, according to


  • Used to indicate the destination or end point of an object or person.
  • Translation: for


  • Used to indicate when something is due or scheduled.
  • Translations: for, by, on


  • Used to compare something or someone to a standard, such as cheapness or speed.
  • Translation: for



  • Used to talk about how long it takes something to happen.
  • Translation: for

Reason or Motive

  • Used to indicate a reason or motive for doing something.
  • Translation: because of


  • Used to indicate the recipient or or cause for an emotional reaction.
  • Translations: for, towards, at


  • Used to talk about exchanges.
  • Translation: for

Mode of Communication or Transportation/ Movement

  • Used to talk about the manner in which something or someone travels.
  • Translations: by, on, through


  • Used to indicate that someone or something is taking the place of another person or thing.
  • Translations: for, instead of
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  • I appreciate you sharing. – Vero Feb 20 at 15:57
  • @Vero If you’re happy with the answer please ✔️to accept it – Traveller Feb 26 at 7:21
  • Thanks for the reminder. Done. – Vero Feb 26 at 16:18

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