I have heard the following sentence in Narcos (a TV series which takes place in Colombia):

Cómo que le tumbaron con ese perro?

Context: Pablo Escobar bets with his partner Gacha that Gacha's drug-sniffing dog wouldn't be able to detect the cocaine mixed with the glass fiber in a hull of a boat. When the dog indeed doesn't detect the cocaine, Pablo says the line above.

What does "tumbar" mean in this context? The meanings of "tumbar" I see in the Word Reference dictionary are "to knock down", "to incline".

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    "Tumbar" seems to also mean "engañar" (deceive/scam) in Colombia (source). The sentence might mean that whoever gave that dog to Gacha has lied about how good the dog was. But I am not from Colombia so I am not sure.
    – wimi
    Dec 13, 2019 at 8:29

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In Colombia, "tumbar" can mean "enganãr" (to deceive/scam). This is the meaning of the verb in the given sentence. Pablo suggests that whoever gave/sold that dog to Gacha or whoever trained it has lied about how good the dog was.


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