I have heard the following sentence in Narcos (a TV series which takes place in Colombia):

Ese perro campeón ni se timbró.

Context: Pablo Escobar bets with his partner Gacha that Gacha's drug-sniffing dog wouldn't be able to detect the cocaine mixed with the glass fiber in a hull of a boat. When the dog indeed doesn't detect the cocaine, Pablo says the line above.

What does "timbrarse" mean here? The only meanings of "timbrar" I see in the Word Reference dictionary are "to stamp" and "to crest".

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I found an idiom localized to Colombia at https://en.bab.la/dictionary/spanish-english/timbrarse:

timbrarse: "ponerse nervioso", Colombia, colloquial to get edgy, to get jumpy {vb} [coll.]

So, I guess your sentence would be That champ of a dog didn't bat an eyelash [get nervous in the slightest].

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