In the below sentence, why use "con que" instead of just "que"?

Un funcionario del banco central se encontró con que el dispositivo conectado a los sistemas de mensajería financiera Swift no funcionaba.

A central bank official found that the device connected to Swift financial messaging systems did not work.

(translated by google translate)

the sentence is from this article

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According to the Diccionario panhispánico de dudas, the verb encontrar, used with the meaning of "finding someone or something unexpectedly or by chance", can be used in two ways:

  • As the usual transitive verb:

    Alguien llamó a la puerta. Abrió y encontró a Ángela.

  • Or most frequently, as an intransitive, pronominal verb followed by the con preposition:

    Alguien llamó a la puerta. Abrió y se encontró con Ángela.

So as you may now see, the verb in your example is used in this second way:

Un funcionario se encontró con que el dispositivo no funcionaba.

If used in the first way, the sentence would be like this (and also valid):

Un funcionario encontró que el dispositivo no funcionaba.

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