I encountered the original sentence like this:

En 1871 otras más constituciones fue escrito.

I actually started learning topic of 'concordancia' and grasped main things, but need to internalize.

In this particular case am I correct to say that sentence below is also correct?

En 1871 otras más constituciones fueron escritos.


The correct sentence is:

En 1871 otras más constituciones fueron escritas

Constituciones is a feminine noun, subject of the sentence in this case.

Fue is the third-person singular preterite indicative form of ser, but constituciones is not in the singular, but in the plural, so the correct thing is to use fueron, third-person plural preterite indicative form of ser. The same applies to the verb escrito, which is in the singular and must also be in the plural (escritos).

On the other hand, since constituciones is a feminine noun, escritos must also be in feminine form (escritas).


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