I've recently begun learning Spanish, and while I'm gaining a good understanding of vocabulary, I can't seem to find many effective resources for studying the grammar, without having to pay a lot of money. As a student, I don't have money to spend on textbooks so I would really appreciate your help! I have been using Lingodeer, which has quite useful grammar notes, but it also seems to go somewhat slowly.

Edit: I know I've come back to this post quite late, so apologies for that. To add some well-needed detail which will hopefully help, I am specifically looking for a website, app, podcast etc. with a linear curriculum of the basics of Spanish grammar.

For comparison, I am also learning Korean, using the websites https://howtostudykorean.com and https://talktomeinkorean.com, both of which offer well-organised curriculums for learning Korean grammar.

I would like a similar resource for learning Spanish grammar, if possible. However, if none come to mind, it would also be quite useful if someone could provide any kind of curriculum with a general idea of what order I should be learning certain grammar components in. This does not necessarily have to include grammar/vocabulary notes itself as I am okay with searching for those and/or making them myself. At the very least, I would just like a simple list of things I should learn in order to gain a strong foundation.

Thank you all! I hope the added detail helps at all.

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This is a Community Wiki answer meant to have all the proposed resources in one single place. Please feel free to edit it to include any resources you think would fit the question.

Paid (but not expensive) courses

  • Instituto Cervantes offers paid online Spanish courses for any of the CEFR levels (A1, B2, etc.). The price varies depending on whether you pick a course with or without tutoring. The A1 course without tutoring costs 75€ which may or may not be expensive depending on your situation.

Free courses

  • ...

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