If "verse" means "to see oneself", "to find oneself", "to look", "to see each other" why is it used in the following sentence?

La cantante, cuya carrera se vio afectada por los problemas de adicción, fue hallada muerta.

  • Verse afectado can mean ‘to suffer’, so the sentence could mean eg ‘...career suffered because of addition problems’
    – Traveller
    Sep 6, 2019 at 12:01

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Verse followed by a state is a synonym for something being (or finding itself) in that state. This is covered by definition #17 of ver in the Dictionary of the RAE. What follows the verb can be an adjective or any other complement that shows a state, place or situation. Often you can treat it as a synonym for the periphrastic passive voice.

  • Su carrera se vio afectada. = "Her career was affected."
  • Ella se vio abandonada por sus amigos. = "She was [or: found herself] abandoned by her friends."
  • Cuando se vio en problemas no supo qué hacer. = "When she was [or: found herself] in trouble, she didn't know what to do."

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