I have seen this term used in a printed book and online in a few places and the best I can come up with from context (as I haven't yet found it explained anywhere) is like "don't ask me to share" or "I am not sharing", but I'm not quite sure. It could be something similar to "I know it's bad, but no regrets".

Not sure if con convis or just convis make any sense. I am guessing it comes from the verb convidar but is not a regular conjugation.

Any more concrete ideas on what this is supposed to mean and if it is a Peruvian thing or is more general?

Excerpt from the play Un misterio, una pasión by Aldo Miyashiro

Dialogue with "sin convis"

You can find other examples in Facebook, Twitter (see below) and some online forums.



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The slang convi is probably short for convidado, meaning: someone who is invited to share something, treated to something; or maybe convite, which is a banquet or, by extension, the treat itself.

Based on the above, it makes sense that when someone says "sin convis" what they mean is "no invitees" or "no treats", i.e. they do not want to share.

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