If the absolute superlatives are superlatives, why can we use buenísimo? Shouldn't we use mejorísimo?

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    What do you mean? The use of buenísimo is consistent with other superlatives in Spanish (e.g.: from blanco you derive blanquísimo, not más blanquísimo).
    – Gorpik
    May 8, 2019 at 7:02

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Bueno is just an adjective, it means "good". It does not compare things.
Buenísimo is not an absolute superlative but a normal one. It just means muy bueno → "very good". Many things can be buenísimo at the same time.

Mejor is a comparative. It is used to say that something is better, more bueno than something else: Toyota es mejor que Honda → "Toyota is better than Honda".

The particle -ísimo is a suffix that means "very": dificilísimo → "very difficult", rarísimo → "very rare". It is used to easily form superlatives from adjectives in Spanish.
It doesn't make sense to say ❌mejorísimo, just like it doesn't make sense to say "Toyota is very better than Honda".

Some adjectives like bueno use a different word like mejor when making comparisons, but in most cases you just use más: Tú eres más guapo que yo → "You are prettier than me"; El Empire State es más alto que el edificio Chrysler → "The Empire State building is taller than the Chrysler building"; Otras preguntas podrían ser más interesantes que esta → "Other questions might be more interesting than this one".

Finally, you have absolutes. In Spanish, you form those by preceding the comparative with a definite article (el, la, lo → the) — but, unlike in English, the form doesn't change. So: Tú eres el más guapo → "You are the prettiest"; El edificio Burj Khalifa es el más alto → "The Burj Khalifa building is the tallest"; Esta pregunta es la más interesante → "This question is the most interesting".

Mejorísimo would only be used in an exaggerated, almost wrong-on-purpose way, just like "very best"; and, just like it, it is grammatically incorrect (though "very best" is much more established and accepted in English, while most everybody would recognize mejorísimo as wrong in Spanish).

Note: if mejorísimo was right, I think it'd probably be spelled mejorcísimo instead, just like its diminutive mejorcito. Spanish 🤷‍♂️.

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