A bit back I asked about how to pronounce "C++" here, now I need to know something else, game developer. I'm not asking how to pronounce this, but how to translate it. According to WordReference developer would be 'desarrollador' and I already know that 'video game' is 'videojuego' so I would think that game developer (which in most contexts including this one is referring to video games specifically) would be

desarrollador de videojuegos

but I'm not sure. Is this right or is there a better way to say it?

  • Once you have a possible translation, you can check whether it is being used in natural conversations and articles by googling with quotes around the phrase. Even professional translators do this! Apr 30, 2019 at 1:23

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"Desarrollador (de software)" is the right term in Spanish for "(software) developer". Switch back from the Spanish to English version of "Desarrollador de software" in wikipedia. You can also validate this by searching for "desarrollador de software" on LikendIn or similar sites that post job offers.

"Developer" could have a different translations in different domains (for example, in real state a "developer" would be a "promotor"), but in software the term used is "desarrollador", so a game developer is a "desarrollador de videojuegos". It may obvious from the content that we are talking about video games and not board games, but you kind of need to keep the "video" in there.

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