Below are sentences I made up with their translations I got from google translate.

The person that goes here. - La persona que va aquí.

The sign that she is gone. - La señal de que ella se ha ido.

The one that got away. - El que se escapó.

The moment that she comes back. - El momento en que vuelve.

The moment that we met. - El momento en que nos conocimos.

The moment that you come back. - El momento en que vuelvas.

The reason that she went away. - La razón por la que se fue.

The moment that got complicated. - El momento que se complicó.

The moment that became important. - *El momento que se hizo importante.*

If you could explain more on the difference between "que" and "de que", that'd be great. I just couldn't find more examples for "de que".


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