Por favor, analice el verbo por lo menos.

He encontrado la frase en el himno "Todas las promesas" por R. Kelso Carter.

En inglés se titula "Standing on the Promises".


Well, this is not a site about English language but ...

Mientras luche aquí buscando yo Su luz
siempre en Sus promesas confiaré.

This can be translated to English approximately as:

While I fight here searching for His light,
always in His promises I will trust.

Notice that the verb fight [luchar] is not present in the original text by R. K. Carter. The Spanish hymn is not a translation, probably it only keeps the music and the main theme about promises.

Luche is the first singular person of the present subjunctive of the verb luchar: yo luche (I fight). The subjunctive in Spanish is used to express more or less the same that the English form, these include statements about one's state of mind, such as opinion, belief, purpose, intention, or desire. source

In Spanish, this:

mientras (yo) luche

is a complemento circunstancial de tiempo. I think that the English equivalent is an adverb clause of time. It indicates when the action of the main verb occurs. In this case when two things happen at the same time, we can use the word while, which mean 'during that time' source

We can reorder the sentence a bit:

I will always trust His promises while I fight here searching for His light.

The main verb is trust. I guess that the speaker is saying that he'll be all his life fighting, searching for the enlightment of God and that he will always trust His promises during the aforementioned life. The speaker is expressing belief, purpose, intention, or desire.

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