My Spanish textbook (Spanish Cat level 1) has "apróximadamente" in the following context:

El norte de Chile tiene muy buen clima, no hay muchas lluvias pero la temperatura no varia mucho, es de apróximadamente 20°C. En el sur es frío y llueve en invierno. En Santiago, el invierno puede ser de -2°C.

If I look up spanishdict it only has an entry for the form without an accent, and the examples (at least for the first page) for aproximadamente seem to only be without an accent. Diccionario de la lengua española doesn't have the version with an accent. However, the English edition of Wiktionary regards the form with an accent as legitimate.

Should an accent be used in apróximadamente?

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No, it should not.

Aproximadamente is formed off of aproximada, which does not use an accent. The stress is on the next to the last a (aproxiMAda) and that syllable maintains the stress with -mente (aproxiMAdaMENte).

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