I know that when the pronoun is used in place of the direct object, we use:

  • me
  • te
  • lo,la
  • nos
  • los,las

When the pronoun is used in place of the indirect object, we use:

  • me
  • te
  • le
  • nos
  • les

Therefore if I want to say I told them I would say Yo los dije. According to google translate, the correct translation is Yo les dije.

If told is the verb and them is the direct object, why is that correct?

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Because "them" is not the direct object. In your case the direct object is omitted because presumably it has been mentioned before: whatever you told them, that's the direct object. Also notice that usually "I told them" is translated "Les dije", the subject pronoun is implicit in the verb form.

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