¿Qué van a echar a las 6 de la tarde?

No sé, pero esto es lo que puedes ver [a continuación / dentro de un rato / luego].

What is the the difference between these three options?
Which ones would refer to "next program relatively to now" and which "relatively to 6pm"?
I need two versions of answers; one which would say what is on tv in a moment from "now" and the other that would say what is on tv after 6pm.

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No sé, pero esto es lo que puedes ver a continuación

I would use this if we are close to 6pm and I know that, for example, the current movie is ending and the new program will start at 6pm. It basically means "It is what comes next".

The expression "dentro de un rato" means in a while. It's not yet 6pm, so you'll be able to see it in a while.

No sé, pero esto es lo que puedes ver luego.

"Luego" here means "later". It doesn't necessarily mean "later at 6pm" but "later today" or "later this week" (luego, en algún momento).

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