Which of the two below is correct?

1: Me gusta correr y esquiar.
2: Me gustan correr y esquiar.

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Infinitives technically agree in the singular, no matter how many are chained together. The reason is a rather complex and not guaranteed (in certain contrastive situations they may still be considered as plural, and that is even more likely so preverbally). This is not unique for gustar, in fact, but true for any verb or adjective that needs to agree with some infinitives.


Which of the two below is correct?

1: Me gusta correr y esquiar.

2: Me gustan correr y esquiar.

Only sentence (1) above is correct.

Just to expand on what guifa correctly answered, below are some sources and examples which confirm that coordinated infinitives in subject position will take a singular verb unless they are presented as contrasting with each other:

Source: http://buscon.rae.es/dpd/srv/search?id=XEVeLzVZaD6CG25cW5

c) Si los elementos coordinados son gramaticalmente neutros, como infinitivos, oraciones sustantivas o pronombres neutros, el verbo va en singular: «No creo que sumar y restar sea lo suyo» (Sierra Regreso [Esp. 1995]) [...]; pero si los elementos neutros coordinados se conciben o presentan en el enunciado como realidades diferenciadas, contrastadas o enfrentadas, el verbo irá en plural: «Informar y opinar son los dos fines específicos y diferenciales del periodismo» (MtzAlbertos Noticia [Esp. 1978]).

Source: https://www.um.es/tonosdigital/znum15/secciones/estudios-24.htm

d) Dos o más infinitivos, como neutros que son, concuerdan en singular, como en:

Madrugar, hacer ejercicio, y comer moderadamente, es provechosísimo para la salud.” (Bello 1981: 503)

(According to the author, the verbs getting up early, doing exercise and eating healthily form a single idea and thus agree with the verb in the singular. However, if the verbs are nominalized by means of an article, they agree with the verb in the plural:)

El madrugar, el hacer ejercicio, y el comer moderadamente son provechosísimos para la salud.” (Bello 1981: 503)

As guifa said, the position of the verb may dictate which form, singular or plural, will be adopted even if the infinitives are opposites, as is the case with lazing around and learning. If the infinitives precede the verb, the verb will take the plural form, but the singular may be used if they follow it:

Holgazanear y aprender son incompatibles”

“No se compadecía tener oración y andar tan llena de imperfecciones y faltas” (Yebes, Vida de Santa Teresa, I, 6)[RAE 1973: 391). (Here, "compadecían" could also be used. However, in the examples below only the singular is grammatically correct:)

“Me gusta/*gustan bailar y cantar.” ("gustan" is incorrect)

Es imposible/*son imposibles holgazanear y aprender.” ("son" is incorrect)

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    I think I'm going to do an entire question with self answer on the subject of the neuter, as it's a concept that no one talks about in most Spanish classes yet has some pretty big and unexpected consequences in grammar at times. Oct 13, 2018 at 20:33

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