I have read on this website that a fish is pez or pescado depending on whether it has been caught from the waters by human.

I understand that the usage of the words is not dependent on whether the fish is alive or dead but rather on the intention of taking it out of the water. So, if a fish is taken out of the water by a person for the pet fish industry, what does that make the fish (which will be kept alive and transferred into an aquarium)? Pez or pescado?

What if the fish is killed and subjected to a taxidermy treatment for exhibition purposes?


Nice question. I would say that in both cases you should use pez. In the case of fish caught for an aquarium it is clear for me that you should use pez. In the case of a fish caught for taxidermy it may be unclear, so let's see what the dictionary says about pescado:


Del lat. piscātus.
  1. m. Pez comestible sacado del agua por cualquiera de los procedimientos de pesca.

So pescado is any edible fish caught out the water. I think the trick is the purpose: if you have caught the fish to eat it, it is indeed pescado. But if you caught it for taxidermy you're supposed to keep the fish as it were alive, and obviously not for eating it. In fact, a stuffed fish may not even be edible at all. So I would say un pez disecado.

In fact, if you search "pez disecado" in Google Images you get results like this one:

Pez disecado

And if you search for "pescado disecado" you get results that are closer to "pescado puesto a secar", like this one:

Pescado disecado

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