I often need to express a necessity of something in my speech.

I know more options:

Can you point out the differences among them? I am especially interested in the usage like:

es nece[...]

If you are not from Spain please mention it in your answer.

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The short answer is easy, because it's pretty much the same as English, altough there can be some differences.

  • Necesitado = needed (adj.) or needy.
  • Necesitar = need (v.)
  • Necesario = neccesary (adj.)

So, if you want to express neccesity, it's directly:

Es necesario que [...]

Which means 'It's neccesary to [...]' or '[...] is neccesary / required'.

This sentence is very frequent. For example:

Es necesario actuar pronto It's neccesary to act soon = Action is required soon.

As you can see, this is very different to the others:

  • 'Necesitar' is just the verb:

Yo necesito I need

  • 'Necesitado' can refer to the participle (I have needed); but it's more usually used as needy.

Esto es para los más necesitados This is for the neediest

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    The one key difference I've seen, in comparison with English, would be that the phrase "Item X is needed" would be expressed as "Se necesita cosa X" (or possibly "Cosa X es necesaria"). // I'm not aware of any differences in usage by region, for this family of words. Jun 20, 2018 at 2:11

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