The phrase "busca con qué desaburrirte" is a translation of "find something to entertain yourself" from a dubbed Latin American Spanish (not sure which country in particular) version of Shrek 2. Is this a common way of saying "find something to..."? I have never heard it said in Spain.

A video of the scene on youtube. The moment I am referring to is at 1:40.


First of all notice that "qué" is in a question, so the accent important,

Busca con qué desaburrirte.

It sounds perfectly good to me to say "Busca con qué" + verb, but maybe in Spain is not that common. I would rather say "Busca algo para" + verb, so

Busca algo para desaburrirte.

Notice also that "desaburrirse" doesn't mean exactly "entertain yourself", the literal translation will be "entretenerte", and it would be also perfectly fine to say

Busca con qué entretenerte / Busca algo para entretenerte.

"Desaburrir" would literally mean "get unbored".


It's a pun, based on the bored character being a donkey, which is similar to burro.

Even translators get to have some fun sometimes.

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