He estado buscando una manera de decir "My kind of _" en español. O una frase equivalente (que creo que es más adecuado y preferible). Como la manera que un estadounidense diría: "this is my kind of party!" cuando piensa que algo es guay/chido/bárbaro (muy bueno).

Pero principalmente para mi web. Tengo una página titulada "My kind of books!" que me ha llevado a esta pregunta.


I've been looking for a way to say "My kind of __" in Spanish. Or a equivalent phrase (which I think is more likely and preferably). Like the way an American might say, "This is my kind of party!" when she/he thinks something is cool.

But mainly for my website. I have titled a page "My kind of books!" Which led me to ask this question.

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You can say things like:

  • tipo de
  • estilo de
  • clase de

For example:

mi + tipo/estilo + de + something - or just - mi + tipo/estilo

María no es mi tipo (de chica).

El rap no es mi estilo (de música).

In case you want to add a clause to indicate what is what you don't like to do with it you have to use a definite article instead of "mi" (in this case you can also use "clase")

la clase de ... que... - or - el tipo de ... que... - or - el estilo de ... que...

María no es la clase de chicas que me gustan.

El Quijote no es el tipo de libros que yo leo.

La actividad de ayer es el estilo de eventos a los que suelo ir.

  • Do 'tipo' and 'estilo' have different connotations?
    – Luke_0
    May 21, 2012 at 15:35
  • 1
    @Luke Mostly the same difference as between "type" and "style" in English May 22, 2012 at 2:14

Kind is more generic word, you must refer to their equivalents on each circumstances

  • Tipo -> Type
  • Clase -> Class
  • Estilo -> Style

Although the three of them looks similar and can be used on the exact same sentence, each one have its own particular meaning.

For example:

BMW is the type of car that you will enjoy to drive

BMW is the class of car that you will enjoy to drive

BMW is the style of car that you will enjoy to drive

You could easily use kind on any of these examples. But...

  • Cars and trucks are two type of vehicles. Type -> as in Category
  • The sedan and the coupe have different class of interior. Class -> as in Quality
  • A Ferrary have distinctive style if compared to other cars. Style -> as in Design

You will not use kind on any of these examples (I think).

For your website I will say Type since a more general description will suit all.

Type of books / Style of books / Class of books

All three can be used to describe the same qualities of the book

Q: Que clase/estilo/tipo de libros te gusta leer ?

A: me gustan los libros bibliográficos

Q: Te gustan los libros de clase/estilo/tipo romantico ?

A: No, no me gustan los libros de ese/a estilo/tipo/clase


How about mi "preferido", "preferencia", "favorito", "calidad", etc?

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