I was wondering why the pronoun te is needed in these sentences:

No te preocupes. (meaning "don't worry")

My confusion here comes from the fact that preocupar is already conjugated to form. Why is it "don't you you worry?"

¡Que te sientas mejor! (meaning "feel better")

My confusion here comes from the same thing as above- why the repeat of "you" pronouns?


As I see the other questions are similar but not quite the same so..

In this case , te is used because, in Spanish, the verb preocupar is a transitive verb. Which means that

No preocupes.

wouldn't mean "don't worry" but "don't worry + [somebody or some people]"

Don't worry -> No te preocupes

Don't worry me -> No me preocupes

Dont worry him/her -> No le/la preocupes

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