Since the song "Despacito" is so popular now, I decided to look at the lyrics.

One word I didn't know was "pensarlo". I looked it up and it means "I think", coming from the verb pensar, "to think". However, the "yo" conjugation of "pensar" is "pienso", which means "I think". What's the difference between "pensarlo" and "pienso"?

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Pienso is to think as you correctly said.

Yo pienso = I think

But Pensarlo is to think about it

Déjame pensarlo = let me think about it

Yo voy a pensarlo antes de tomar una decisión = I'll think about it before making a decision.

and in the case of the lyrics...

Solo con pensarlo se acelera el pulso = Just thinking about it my heart rate rises.

A better version of the lyrics here


Wanting to add something to DGaleano's answer, any verb followed by -lo/-la/-los/-las is related to the subject/action which is being talking about. For example,

Como no tengo tiempo para comprar ropa hoy, voy a comprarla mañana.

In this case, "voy a comprarla" means the same as "la compraré" or "I'm going to buy it".

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