I've generated a Spanish translation for these two sentences, but they don't quite sound right to me. I'd like some feedback!

Have a question or concern about your device? We’re here to help! = Pregunta o preocupación acerca de su dispositivo? ¡Podemos ayudar!

Before returning your device, visit [URL] or call Technical Support. = Antes de devolver tu dispositivo, visite [URL] o llame al soporte técnico.

Please advise! I don't want the text to sound too robotic or formal. How would this sound in conversational Mexican Spanish?

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    Note that you are mixing 2nd persons: tu dispositivo (informal) does not match visite or llame [usted] (formal). I'm not Mexican, but it seems that your target fits better a tu (visita/llama)
    – Rafael
    May 25, 2017 at 20:56

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I find the translation of the second sentence to be fine.

However, the first one does not sound natural to me. I'd revise it as follows:

  • ¿Alguna pregunta/duda o inquietud acerca de su dispositivo? ¡Estamos aquí para ayudarlo! (o: ¡Estamos aquí para asistirlo!)

Some speakers might prefer to fuse the question and the exclamation following it into a single sentence as follows:

  • En caso de cualquier pregunta/duda o inquietud / Si tiene cualquier pregunta/duda o inquietud acerca de su dispositivo, estamos aquí para ayudarlo/asistirlo.

Note: The slanted bars offer different options for you to choose from.

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