The following sentence is taken from a Spanish course I'm taking at www.lingq.com:

Quizás podría ustedes conocerse un poco. Perhaps you could know each other a little .

The subject (ustedes) is plural. So why is poder not conjugated to third person plural (podrían)?

Is this a mistake in the course?

  • Perhaps you could get to know each other. Commented May 23, 2017 at 2:04

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It must be a mistake. That "podría" must be missing an n at the end.

Quizás podrían ustedes conocerse un poco

You are right. Usted uses the conjugation of a third person form in spite of being used to address a "second person" (like o vosotros), so in this case the right form is podrían and not podría (nor podrías (tú) or podríais (vosotros).

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