How can I translate the phrase "Es un placer haber sido de utilidad" into English? What ways sound most natural?

"It's a pleasure to have been useful" sounds a little weird for me.


¿Cómo puedo traducir la frase "Es un placer haber sido de utilidad" al inglés? ¿Qué traducciones suenan mas naturales?

"It's a pleasure to have been useful" me suena raro.

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  • I'd say "pleased to be useful" or something similar.
    – FGSUZ
    Oct 7, 2017 at 13:01

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A good natural sounding translation, that still keeps close to the original diction and wording, would probably be:

It's been a pleasure to be of assistance.

Other possibilities might include:

  • I'm glad I could help.
  • I'm more than happy to have lent a hand.

On top of this, in formal situations, it also very common so say No, the pleasure is (all) mine.


Mary: Thank you for helping me find my keys, sir.

John: No, the pleasure is all mine.