In my Spanish text book, it gives the following examples:

Cierra los lunes = It closes on Mondays
Cierro la puerta = I’m closing the door

What is the difference between Cierra and Cierro? At first I thought they may be the masculine and feminine versions of Cerrar. But then the examples wouldn't work, as days of the week are masculine and door is feminine.

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Spanish verb tenses do not differentiate between masculine and feminine, except for the participe and only when it acts as an adjective.

The difference between cierro and cierra is just the subject that does the action. The present indicative of verb cerrar is:

Yo           cierro
Tú           cierras
Él/ella/ello cierra
Nosotros/as  cerramos
Vosotros/as  cerráis
Ellos/as     cierran

So in cierro the subject is the first person singular, whereas in cierra the subject is the third person singular.

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    Yes, third person singular, like (la tienda) cierra los lunes, or (el negocio) cierra los lunes. Some subject that is implicit in the sentence. Dec 11, 2016 at 0:11

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