I found:

Nosotros leemos el diario.

Newspapers are not men and women. Why is this sentence attaching el?

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    Welcome to Spanish Language! See this answer, I think it will solve your question. Bear in mind that Spanish words have a género but not a gender (sex). Words like "el" or "la" just mean "the" in English,
    – Charlie
    Nov 3, 2016 at 12:43

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El in this sentence is an article, the one ur messing up with is the pronoun.

The article has 4 forms, it depends if the noun is masculine, feminine and singular or plural.

Its like in English We read the newspaper, and diario is masculine and singular.


After I searched why, I found. Because:

  • Spanish has masculine noun and feminine noun.
  • Newspapers are masculine noun.
  • Even if it do not has gender, noun has masculine noun and feminine noun.

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