What would you call "coniferous tree" and "deciduous tree" in Spanish?


  • coniferous tree = árbol de coníferas, conífera

  • deciduous tree = árbol de hoja caduca, árbol caducifolio

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Let's see the English definitions:

  • Coniferous: a bush or tree (such as a pine) that produces cones and that usually has leaves that are green all year.
  • Deciduous: having leaves that fall off every year.

Now let's see the DRAE definitions for your options about coniferous:

conífero, ra

Del lat. conĭfer, -ĕri.

  1. adj. Bot. Dicho de un árbol o de un arbusto: Del grupo de las gimnospermas de hojas persistentes, aciculares o en forma de escamas, fruto en cono, y ramas que presentan un contorno cónico; p. ej., el ciprés, el pino o la sabina.

And now the definitions for your options about deciduous:

de hoja caduca

  1. loc. adj. Dicho de un vegetal: Que, con las estaciones, pierde las hojas y las renueva.

caducifolio, lia

Del lat. cadūcus 'caduco' y folium 'hoja'.

  1. adj. Bot. Dicho de un árbol o de una planta: De hoja caduca, que se le cae al empezar la estación desfavorable.

So it seems that all your options are perfectly valid. In the first case I would say just conífera.

  • Is also common in coloquial speech (or at least I've heard it a lot) to just talk about "árboles caducos", which is technically incorrect but understandable (and shorter).
    – Darkhogg
    Commented Oct 21, 2016 at 11:01

Adding to Carlos Alejo's earlier answer, in my experience I've heard "conífera" used interchangeably with "árbol de hoja perenne" (evergreen tree), although coniferous trees are technically a subset of evergreens, according to their definition.

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