What is the Spanish version of not applicable? I'm mostly concerned if the language has an abbreviation for not applicable like in English, "n/a."

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We use the direct translation no aplicable, or the equivalent verbal construction no aplica (though it should probably be no se aplica).

If you read the dictionary, the third meaning of aplicar is:

3. tr. Referir a un caso particular lo que se ha dicho en general, o a un individuo lo que se ha dicho de otro.

As you can see, this meaning is good in our case. You have a general characteristic, but you cannot apply it to some particular case, so you write n/a.


Another possibility is no procede


As abbreviation sometimes you can see "N/A" (No Aplica).

As a word, it can be used Inaplicable which literally means "Not applicable".


Another possibility may be no corresponde.


De co- y responder.

  1. intr. Dicho de un elemento de un conjunto, colección, serie o sistema: Tener relación, realmente existente o convencionalmente establecida, con un elemento de otro.

Example: when asking "¿Está usted embarazada?", an answer may be "No corresponde", implying that "si es usted hombre no le corresponde responderla".

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