Weird, because now some are denying this

I'd say something like:

Es raro/extraño porque ahora algunos estan negando?

What is a correct translation? Should I use negando or another? It sounds weird. And what would be the correct translation of "this" in the sentence above? esto?

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I suppose that this refers to something that has been already introduced in the conversation, and is something known by the people speaking. So I would translate to something like this:

Me extraña, porque ahora algunos lo están negando.

Note that weird is a personal opinion, so I tried to emphasise that in the translation. Other possible not-so-literal translations that respect the original meaning could be:

Me extraña, porque ahora hay gente que lo niega.
Pues resulta que ahora algunos lo niegan.


Literal version is:

Extraño/raro, porque ahora algunos están negando esto.

However, ahora looks better in this position:

Extraño/raro, porque algunos están negando esto ahora.

In some translations, you'll see a swap between the present continuous tense and the present simple tense:

Extraño/raro, porque algunos niegan esto.

Anyhow, the three are perfectly idiomatic.

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