I need to translate the sentence keep confidential information. Which should I use, guardar or resguardar?

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In this case keep make references to guardar or mantener, the translation could be mantenga la información confidencial

mantener (from RAE)

Del lat. manu tenēre 'tener en la mano'.

Conjug. c. tener.

  • tr. Conservar algo en su ser, darle vigor y permanencia.

  • tr. Proseguir en lo que se está ejecutando. Mantener la conversación, el juego.

  • tr. Sostener un torneo, una justa, etc.

  • tr. Der. Amparar a alguien en la posesión o goce de algo.

  • prnl. Perseverar, no variar de estado o resolución.


De guarda.

  • tr. Tener cuidado de algo o de alguien, vigilarlo y defenderlo. Guardar un campo, un rebaño. Guardar a un niño.

  • tr. Poner algo donde esté seguro. Guardar dinero, joyas, vestidos, etc.

  • tr. Observar o cumplir aquello a lo que se está obligado. Guardar la ley, la palabra, el secreto.

  • tr. Mantener, observar. Guardar silencio.


Guardar is the perfect translation to save, means exactly the same.

Example: I have to save my sculpture in a better place

Debo guardar mi escultura en un sitio mejor*

In the other hand you have resguardar, which means to put something in safeguard. The translation depends on the context you use it, so it could be translated as: guard, shelter or even save too.

Example: I need to put in safeguard my car to protect them from wind storm

Tengo que salvaguardar (proteger, mantener) mi coche para protegerlo del >temporal de viento

Resguardar is normally used when you want to protect some object of any external factor to safeguard it from the damage or avoid their spoil.

In your case, I would use save or protect (to emphasize that the information is important, save maybe isn't enough powerful in this case).

Hope it clarify more your mind.


It would be "resguardar información confidencial" since you'll be actively doing it - keeping it safe.

"Guardar" is used when you put something away.

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