How would you translate into English the phrase

"vamo'a to'" ?

It is taken from song lyrics and the following line is :

"no hay control" (there is no control?).

I think the first part is just short for vamos a (let's go...) but I cannot figure out what to' is abbreviating.


In this case is "vamos a todo" you can be translated as :

"let's go to do everything".

"Vamo'a to'" is a vulgar way of saying :

"Vamos a todo", or "vamos a hacer lo que sea" or "vamos a hacer de todo".

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That "to" is an informal abbreviation for "todo", where the D is pronnounced as mute ("TO-o")

So it would be "vamos a todo" (let's go [and do] everything).

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That is like "let's do this!". We use that phrase in my country more than often, is a common expression in the caribbiean.

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