Are there any Argentineans (or thoughts from anyone really) that might have some historical insight into the life and times of Eva Peron that would help with the translation of these lyrics from "No llores por mi Argentina" the Spanish translation of "Don't cry for me Argentina". The full lyrics can be found here.

I'm a bit stuck on exactly what is being said in these two lines:

Jamás podréis ambicionar
Mentiras dijeron de mí

A literal translation doesnt seem to work ie:

You can never aspire to
The lies they told about me

I am guessing the Lyricist's intent was more:

You will never be able to understand the depth of the lies they told about me

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It's just a bad transcription. The correct one is:

Jamás poderes ambicioné

Mentiras dijeron de mí

Which means

I never had any ambition of power

Lies were told about me


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