I have this sentence:

Because this matter is time-sensitive, I need to be sure you will be available if needed.

And I translated it as follows:

Debido a que este asunto es ????, quiero asegurarme de que usted estará disponible si lo es necesario.

What is the idiomatic equivalent (castellano) for "time sensitive"?

(other corrections and idiomatic adjustments welcome too, of course)

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  • I know it's not an accurate translation, but you can use the adjectives that mean "urgent", as apremiante, urgente, imperioso o crítico.
    – Rodrigo
    Dec 15, 2015 at 11:48

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There are some words you could use to convey the urgency of something that is time-sensitive, although there seems not to be a direct translation for the term in Spanish.

For example

Debido a que este asunto es apremiante

In Spanish "Apremiar" means

Dar prisa, compeler a alguien a que haga prontamente algo

You could also use "impostergable". "Postergar" is a synonym of "procrastinate". Thus, "impostergable" means that this business can't go beyond a certain deadline. Idem for "Aplazar"

Debido a que este asunto es impostergable

Debido a que este asunto es inaplazable

You could also use a rather obscure word "perentorio" which means "Urgente, apremiante."

Debido a que este asunto es perentorio

But I think you would be better off using apremiante, inaplazable or impostergable


Assuming "time-sensitive" means that the time is a key aspect in the topic, I would translate it to: el tiempo es clave.

Debido a que en este asunto el tiempo es clave, quiero asegurarme de que usted estará disponible si es necesario.

Note we say "si es necesario" and not "si lo es necesario".

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Interesting question. You could say:

"Debido a que este asunto es referente a un horario específico, necesito estar seguro de que estará disponible si es preciso".

In other sentences you could also use "horas concretas" or "estricto calendario", or "horario forzoso" or "horario inflexible".

"Debido a que este asunto tiene un calendario estricto, ..."

  • I like these options. I think calendario estricto captures the essence best. However, I forgot to mention in my original post that the context is castellano and not Latin American. Does that change your suggestions? Dec 15, 2015 at 1:14

Yo usaría esto:

Quiero asegurarme de que usted estará disponible si es necesario puesto que este asunto requiere acción inmediata.

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