A friend (woman) originating from Honduras asked me via mobile message how I was doing, to which I answered:

Muy bien, y tu?

Her answer:

Bien grax amigui que tengas un dia muy bonita!

grax is an abbreviation for gracias, but why amigui instead of amigo? (I am a guy)

  • What is the difference compared with just using "amigo"?
  • Is there a particular nuance?
  • Is it a bit humorous?

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This is something I've started to hear recently, also in Spain. I think amigui is an abbreviation for amiguito which is, as JesusS says in his answer, more affectionate.


amigui is not the short form for amiguito.

amigui is used for a more tender way to express amigo(a).


It's a trend way to talk. It's mainly used by girls and guys who are parodying that girls.

The i is used on a bunch of words like Hola-Holi, Amigo-amigui or even at laughing, like jijiji


Amigui is like amigo but in a more affectionate way. "Amigui" as a word doesn't exist and I never used it, but in Spain we use to say "coleguis" instead of "colegas" (buddies) with the same nuance

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    If people speak and write "amigui" and other people understand it, then it most definitely is a word. What else could it possibly be? Whether you'll find it in a dictionary is another matter entirely. Commented Nov 6, 2015 at 17:32


friend = amigo.

dude = amigui.

It is the same "amigo", but with a more affectionate, as in the case of cat touch, kity, something good.

denotes trust


"Amigui" is an abbreviation of amiguito (little friend), usually it is used to call a close friend an a friendly way.

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