I am converting from English to Spanish in an electrical program. It appears that the following abbreviations are the same in Spanish. Am I correct?

  • Voltage = V
  • Ampere = A
  • Hertz = Hz
  • kilo-volt-ampere - kVa
  • kilowatt - kW
  • Kilovolt-Ampere Reactive - kVar
  • Kilopascals - kPa

To be precise, those are not abbreviations, but symbols. That's the reason why they don't end with a dot. And the symbols for all physical magnitudes are international.

As YoMismo says, you have kVA and kVAr wrong; but, other than that, everything is correct.


If capital letters matter then kVa should be kVA and kVar should be kVAr. The rest seem correct to me.

  • Thank you! I agree with your capitalization comment. I am sending around 200 lines to a Spanish translator and just verifying that these were correct helps cut down my list. – Kathy Anderson Sep 28 '15 at 15:26

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